Factors that affect the cost of your hair transplant surgery! Does Clinic Reputation Matter?

Losing up to 50 - 100 strands a day is normal but if the hair loss increases beyond this count, then there is definitely a matter of concern for you. A huge number of causes are responsible for the hair loss problems faced by many of the people today. However, among the multiple causes of hair loss, androgenic alopecia is the most common one and it is also known as male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant Surgery The surgical method that is used to treat several levels of the androgenic alopecia in men is known as hair transplant. It is a familiar option that is widely used and practiced by plastic and cosmetic surgeons all around the world. In this process, the utilization of the patient’s own grafts for transplantation greatly diminishes the chances of infection and allergy. Thus, hair transplant is a safe and natural hair growth procedure that provides the everlasting results to the candidates. Here are the most common factors that affect the cost of your hair transplant surgery:

The Bal…